Team Scotland Medallists

Team Scotland has a proud history of success at the Commonwealth Games, winning medals at every Games to date. From the first Games in Hamilton in 1930 to Team Scotland’s record breaking performance at Glasgow 2014, Scottish athletes have continued to excel.

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Athlete / Team NameSportEvent NameGamesMedal
Grace Reid AquaticsDiving Women's 1m SpringboardGold Coast 2018Asset 3
Duncan Scott AquaticsMen's 100m FreestyleGold Coast 2018Asset 3
Katie Archibald CyclingWomen's 3000m Individual PursuitGold Coast 2018Asset 3
Mark Stewart CyclingMen's 40km Points RaceGold Coast 2018Asset 3
Neil Fachie & Matthew RotherhamCyclingMen's Para-Sport B&VI Tandem 1000m Time TrialGold Coast 2018Asset 3
Neil Fachie & Matthew RotherhamCyclingMen's Para-Sport B&VI SprintGold Coast 2018Asset 3
Ronnie Duncan, Derek Oliver & Darren BurnettLawn BowlsMen's TriplesGold Coast 2018Asset 3
Ronnie Duncan, Derek Oliver, Paul Foster & Alex MarshallLawn BowlsMen's FoursGold Coast 2018Asset 3
David McMath ShootingMen's Double TrapGold Coast 2018Asset 3
Hannah MileyAquaticsWomen's 400m Individual MedleyGlasgow 2014Asset 3
Ross MurdochAquaticsMen's 200m BreaststrokeGlasgow 2014Asset 3
Daniel WallaceAquaticsMen's 400m Individual MedleyGlasgow 2014Asset 3
Libby Clegg, Mikail HugginsAthleticsPara-Sport Women's 100m T12Glasgow 2014Asset 3
Charlie FlynnBoxingMen's 60kg LightweightGlasgow 2014Asset 3
Josh TaylorBoxingMen's 64kg Light WelterweightGlasgow 2014Asset 3
Neil Fachie, Craig MacLeanCyclingPara-Sport Men's B Tandem SprintGlasgow 2014Asset 3
Neil Fachie, Craig MacLeanCyclingPara-Sport Men's B Tandem1000m Time TrialGlasgow 2014Asset 3
Daniel KeatingsGymnasticsMen's Pommel HorseGlasgow 2014Asset 3
Daniel PurvisGymnasticsMen's Parallel BarsGlasgow 2014Asset 3
Sarah AdlingtonJudoWomen's Over 78kgGlasgow 2014Asset 3
Euan BurtonJudoMen's Under 100kgGlasgow 2014Asset 3
Sarah ClarkJudoWomen's Under 63kgGlasgow 2014Asset 3
Kimberley RenicksJudoWomen's Under 48kgGlasgow 2014Asset 3
Louise RenicksJudoWomen's Under 52kgGlasgow 2014Asset 3
Chris SheringtonJudoMen's Over 100kgGlasgow 2014Asset 3
Darren BurnettLawn BowlsMen's SinglesGlasgow 2014Asset 3
Alex Marshall, Paul FosterLawn BowlsMen's PairsGlasgow 2014Asset 3
Alex Marshall, Paul Foster, David Peacock, Neil SpeirsLawn BowlsMen's FoursGlasgow 2014Asset 3
Hannah MileyAquaticsWomen's 400m Individual MedleyDelhi 2010Asset 3
Robbie RenwickAquaticsMen's 200m FreestyleDelhi 2010Asset 3
Callum JohnsonBoxingMen's 81kg Light HeavyweightDelhi 2010Asset 3
David MillarCyclingMen's Road Individual Time TrialDelhi 2010Asset 3
Jonathan HammondShootingMen's Smallbore 50m Rifle ProneDelhi 2010Asset 3
Jennifer McIntoshShootingWomen's Smallbore 50m Rifle ProneDelhi 2010Asset 3
Jennifer McIntosh, Kay CoplandShootingWomen's Smallbore 50m Rifle Prone PairsDelhi 2010Asset 3
Jonathan Hammond, Neil StirtonShootingMen's Smallbore 50m Rifle Prone PairsDelhi 2010Asset 3
Colin Fleming, Jocelyn RaeTennisMixed DoublesDelhi 2010Asset 3
David CarryAquaticsMen's 400m FreestyleMelbourne 2006Asset 3
David CarryAquaticsMen's 400m Individual MedleyMelbourne 2006Asset 3
Caitlin McClatcheyAquaticsWomen's 400m FreestyleMelbourne 2006Asset 3
Caitlin McClatcheyAquaticsWomen's 200m FreestyleMelbourne 2006Asset 3
Gregor TaitAquaticsMen's 200m BackstrokeMelbourne 2006Asset 3
Gregor TaitAquaticsMen's 200m Individual MedleyMelbourne 2006Asset 3
Kenny AndersonBoxingMen's 81kg Light HeavyweightMelbourne 2006Asset 3
Craig MacLean, Ross Edgar, Chris HoyCyclingMen's Team SprintMelbourne 2006Asset 3
Alex Marshall, Paul FosterLawn BowlsMen's PairsMelbourne 2006Asset 3
Sheena SharpShootingWomen's Smallbore 50m Rifle ProneMelbourne 2006Asset 3
Sheena Sharp, Susan JacksonShootingWomen's Smallbore 50m Rifle Prone PairsMelbourne 2006Asset 3
Alison SheppardAquaticsWomen's 50m FreestyleManchester 2002Asset 3
Chris HoyCyclingMen's 1km Time TrialManchester 2002Asset 3
Steve FrewGymnasticsMen's RingsManchester 2002Asset 3
Graeme RandallJudoMen's Under 81kgManchester 2002Asset 3
Alex Marshall, George SneddonLawn BowlsMen's PairsManchester 2002Asset 3
David Heddle, Ivan Prior, John RobertsonLawn BowlsPara-Sport Men's TriplesManchester 2002Asset 3
Alex ArthurBoxingMen's FeatherweightKuala Lumpur 1998Asset 3
Margaret Letham, Joyce LindoresLawn BowlsWomen’s PairsKuala Lumpur 1998Asset 3
Peter NicholSquashMen's SinglesKuala Lumpur 1998Asset 3
Yvonne MurrayAthleticsWomen’s 10,000 metresVictoria 1994Asset 3
Paul SheppardBoxingMen's FlyweightVictoria 1994Asset 3
Robert BrandLawn BowlsPara-Sport Men's VI SinglesVictoria 1994Asset 3
Richard CorsieLawn BowlsMen's SinglesVictoria 1994Asset 3
Sarah Gourlay, Francis WhyteLawn BowlsWomen's PairsVictoria 1994Asset 3
Shirley McIntoshShootingWomen's Smallbore 50m Rifle ProneVictoria 1994Asset 3
Liz McColganAthleticsWomen’s 10,000 metresAuckland 1990Asset 3
Charles KaneBoxingMen's Light WelterweightAuckland 1990Asset 3
Loretta CusackJudoWomen’s under 56kgAuckland 1990Asset 3
William Wood, George Adrain, Ian Bruce, Dennis LoveLawn BowlsMen's FoursAuckland 1990Asset 3
James Dunlop, Ian MarsdenShootingOpen Clay Target Skeet PairsAuckland 1990Asset 3
Liz LynchAthleticsWomen’s 10,000 metresEdinburgh 1986Asset 3
William Gilliland, Dan TraversBadmintonMen’s DoublesEdinburgh 1986Asset 3
George Adrain, Grant KnoxLawn BowlsMen's PairsEdinburgh 1986Asset 3
Meg RitchieAthleticsWomen’s DiscusBrisbane 1982Asset 3
Allan WellsAthleticsMen's 200 metresBrisbane 1982Asset 3
Allan WellsAthleticsMen's 100 metresBrisbane 1982Asset 3
William WoodLawn BowlsMen's SinglesBrisbane 1982Asset 3
John Watson, David GourlayLawn BowlsMen's PairsBrisbane 1982Asset 3
Alister AllanShootingOpen Smallbore 50m Rifle 3 PositionBrisbane 1982Asset 3
Arthur ClarkeShootingOpen Fullbore RifleBrisbane 1982Asset 3
Alister Allan, William MacNeilShootingOpen Air Rifle PairsBrisbane 1982Asset 3
Allan WellsAthleticsMen's 200 metresEdmonton 1978Asset 3
Allan Wells, David Jenkins, Andrew McMaster, Cameron SharpAthleticsMen's 4 x 100 metres RelayEdmonton 1978Asset 3
Alister AllanShootingOpen Smallbore 50m Rifle ProneEdmonton 1978Asset 3
David WilkieAquaticsMen's 200m BreaststrokeChristchurch 1974Asset 3
David WilkieAquaticsMen's 200m Individual MedleyChristchurch 1974Asset 3
Alexander McIntosh, John ChristieLawn BowlsMen's PairsChristchurch 1974Asset 3
Rosemary PayneAthleticsWomen’s DiscusEdinburgh 1970Asset 3
Ian StewartAthleticsMen's 5,000 metresEdinburgh 1970Asset 3
Lachie StewartAthleticsMen's 10,000 metresEdinburgh 1970Asset 3
Rosemary StirlingAthleticsWomen’s 800 metresEdinburgh 1970Asset 3
Tom ImrieBoxingMen's Light MiddleweightEdinburgh 1970Asset 3
Alexander LeckieFencingMen's SabreEdinburgh 1970Asset 3
James AlderAthleticsMen's MarathonKingston 1966Asset 3
Robert MallonBoxingMen's FlyweightPerth 1962Asset 3
John McDermottBoxingMen's FeatherweightPerth 1962Asset 3
Alexander LeckieFencingMen's FoilPerth 1962Asset 3
Philip CairaWeightliftingMen's Light HeavyweightPerth 1962Asset 3
Ian BlackAquaticsMen's 220 yards ButterflyCardiff 1958Asset 3
Peter HeatlyAquaticsDiving Men's 10 metre PlatformCardiff 1958Asset 3
Jackie BrownBoxingMen's FlyweightCardiff 1958Asset 3
Richard McTaggartBoxingMen's LightweightCardiff 1958Asset 3
Philip CairaWeightliftingMen's Light HeavyweightCardiff 1958Asset 3
Helen GordonAquaticsWomen’s 220 yards BreaststrokeVancouver 1954Asset 3
Peter HeatlyAquaticsDiving Men's 3 metre SpringboardVancouver 1954Asset 3
Helen Gordon, Margaret Girvan, Margaret McDowallAquaticsWomen’s 330 yards Medley RelayVancouver 1954Asset 3
Joseph McGheeAthleticsMen's MarathonVancouver 1954Asset 3
Richard CurrieBoxingMen's FlyweightVancouver 1954Asset 3
John SmillieBoxingMen's BantamweightVancouver 1954Asset 3
Helen GordonAquaticsWomen’s 220 yards BreaststrokeAuckland 1950Asset 3
Peter HeatlyAquaticsDiving Men's 10 metre PlatformAuckland 1950Asset 3
Duncan ClarkAthleticsMen's HammerAuckland 1950Asset 3
Henry GillilandBoxingMen's FeatherweightAuckland 1950Asset 3
Hugh RileyBoxingMen's FlyweightAuckland 1950Asset 3
William FrancisAquaticsMen's 100 yards BackstrokeLondon 1934Asset 3
Norman HamiltonAquaticsMen's 200 yards BreaststrokeLondon 1934Asset 3
F. Alan R. HunterAthleticsMen's 440 yards HurdlesLondon 1934Asset 3
Robert SprotLawn BowlsMen's SinglesLondon 1934Asset 3
Edward MelroseWrestlingMen's BantamweightLondon 1934Asset 3
Duncan WrightAthleticsMen's MarathonHamilton 1930Asset 3
James RollandBoxingMen's LightweightHamilton 1930Asset 3
Hannah Miley AquaticsWomen's 400m Individual MedleyGold Coast 2018Asset 2
Ross Murdoch AquaticsMen's 200m BreaststrokeGold Coast 2018Asset 2
Duncan Scott AquaticsMen's 200m Individual MedleyGold Coast 2018Asset 2
Mark Szaranek AquaticsMen's 400m Individual MedleyGold Coast 2018Asset 2
Eilidh Doyle AthleticsWomen's 400m HurdlesGold Coast 2018Asset 2
Maria Lyle AthleticsPara-Sport T35 100mGold Coast 2018Asset 2
John Archibald CyclingMen's 4000m Individual PursuitGold Coast 2018Asset 2
Katie Archibald CyclingWomen's 25km Points RaceGold Coast 2018Asset 2
Jack Carlin CyclingMen's Individual SprintGold Coast 2018Asset 2
Neah Evans CyclingWomen's 10km Scratch RaceGold Coast 2018Asset 2
Kay Moran, Stacey McDougall & Caroline BrownLawn BowlsWomen's TriplesGold Coast 2018Asset 2
Paul Foster & Alex MarshallLawn BowlsMen's PairsGold Coast 2018Asset 2
Neil Stirton ShootingMen's 50m Rifle ProneGold Coast 2018Asset 2
Michael JamiesonAquaticsMen's 200m BreaststrokeGlasgow 2014Asset 2
Daniel WallaceAquaticsMen's 200m Individual MedleyGlasgow 2014Asset 2
Stephen Milne, Robbie Renwick, Duncan Scott, Dan WallaceAquaticsMen's 4 x 200m Freestyle RelayGlasgow 2014Asset 2
Eilidh ChildAthleticsWomen's 400m HurdlesGlasgow 2014Asset 2
Lynsey SharpAthleticsWomen's 800mGlasgow 2014Asset 2
Kirsty GilmourBadmintonWomen's SinglesGlasgow 2014Asset 2
Aileen McGlynn, Louise HastonCyclingWomen's Para-Sport B Tandem 1000m Time TrialGlasgow 2014Asset 2
Aileen McGlynn, Louise HastonCyclingWomen's Para-Sport B Tandem SprintGlasgow 2014Asset 2
Daniel KeatingsGymnasticsMen's Individual All-AroundGlasgow 2014Asset 2
Daniel Keatings, Daniel Purvis, Frank Baines, Adam Cox, Liam DavieGymnasticsMen's TeamGlasgow 2014Asset 2
Stephanie InglisJudoWomen's Under 57kgGlasgow 2014Asset 2
Matt PursseyJudoMen's Under 90kgGlasgow 2014Asset 2
Robert Conway, Irene Edgar, Ron McArthur, David ThomasLawn BowlsPara-Sport Mixed Pairs B2/B3Glasgow 2014Asset 2
Drew ChristieShootingMen's Clay Target SkeetGlasgow 2014Asset 2
Jennifer McIntoshShootingWomen's Small Bore 50m Rifle 3 PositionsGlasgow 2014Asset 2
Sean FraserAquaticsMen's 100m Freestyle Para Sport S8Delhi 2010Asset 2
Michael JamiesonAquaticsMen's 200m BreaststrokeDelhi 2010Asset 2
Andy Hunter, David Carry, Jak Scott, Robbie Renwick (Cameron Brodie, Lewis Smith)AquaticsMen's 4 x 200m Freestyle RelayDelhi 2010Asset 2
Eilidh ChildAthleticsWomen's 400m HurdlesDelhi 2010Asset 2
Josh TaylorBoxingMen's 60kg LightweightDelhi 2010Asset 2
Jenny Davis & Charline JoinerCyclingWomen's Team SprintDelhi 2010Asset 2
Jonathan HammondShootingMen's Smallbore 50m Rifle 3 PositioDelhi 2010Asset 2
Shona MarshallShootingWomen's Clay Target TrapDelhi 2010Asset 2
Angus McLeod,Ian ShawShootingOpen Fullbore Rifle PairsDelhi 2010Asset 2
Peter KirkbrideWeightliftingMen's Under 94kg CombinedDelhi 2010Asset 2
Kirsty BalfourAquaticsWomen's 200m BreaststrokeMelbourne 2006Asset 2
Euan DaleAquaticsMen's 400m Individual MedleyMelbourne 2006Asset 2
David Carry, Euan Dale, Andy Hunter, Robbie RenwickAquaticsMen's 4 x 200m Freestyle RelayMelbourne 2006Asset 2
Chris BailieAthleticsMen's 110m HurdlesMelbourne 2006Asset 2
Ross EdgarCyclingMen's SprintMelbourne 2006Asset 2
Joyce Lindores, Kay MoranLawn BowlsWomen's PairsMelbourne 2006Asset 2
Martin Sinclair, Neil StirtonShootingMen's Smallbore 50m Rifle Prone PairsMelbourne 2006Asset 2
Graeme SmithAquaticsMen's 1500m FreestyleManchester 2002Asset 2
Gregor TaitAquaticsMen's 200m BackstrokeManchester 2002Asset 2
Lee McConnellAthleticsWomen's 400 metresManchester 2002Asset 2
Jennifer BrienJudoWomen's Under 57kgManchester 2002Asset 2
Sarah ClarkJudoWomen's Under 63kgManchester 2002Asset 2
David SomervilleJudoMen's Under 66kgManchester 2002Asset 2
Michael ThomsonShootingMen's Clay Target SkeetManchester 2002Asset 2
Susan Jackson, Sheena SharpShootingWomen's Smallbore 50m Rifle Prone PairsManchester 2002Asset 2
Alison SheppardAquaticsWomen's 50m FreestyleKuala Lumpur 1998Asset 2
Alison CurbishleyAthleticsWomen's 400 metresKuala Lumpur 1998Asset 2
John WilsonBoxingMen's Light HeavyweightVictoria 1994Asset 2
Alister Allen, William MurrayShootingMen's Smallbore 50m Rifle 3 Position PairsVictoria 1994Asset 2
Shirley McIntosh, Patricia LittlechildShootingWomen's Smallbore 50m Rifle Prone PairsVictoria 1994Asset 2
Yvonne MurrayAthleticsWomen’s 3,000 metresAuckland 1990Asset 2
Brian Whittle, David Strang, Tom McKean, Mark DavidsonAthleticsMen's 4 x 400 metre RelayAuckland 1990Asset 2
Mark PrestonJudoMen's Under 65kgAuckland 1990Asset 2
Claire SchiachJudoWomen’s under 52kgAuckland 1990Asset 2
Winston SwaetmanJudoMen's Under 86kgAuckland 1990Asset 2
Alan OgilvieWeightliftingMen's Under 56kg SnatchAuckland 1990Asset 2
Alan OgilvieWeightliftingMen's Under 56kg CombinedAuckland 1990Asset 2
Jean HillAquaticsWomen’s 200m Individual MedleyEdinburgh 1986Asset 2
Jean HillAquaticsWomen’s 100m BreaststrokeEdinburgh 1986Asset 2
Tom McKeanAthleticsMen's 800 metresEdinburgh 1986Asset 2
Geoff ParsonsAthleticsMen's High JumpEdinburgh 1986Asset 2
Harry LawsonBoxingMen's Light HeavyweightEdinburgh 1986Asset 2
James McAllisterBoxingWelterweightEdinburgh 1986Asset 2
Douglas YoungBoxingMen's HeavyweightEdinburgh 1986Asset 2
Senga McCroneLawn BowlsWomen’s SinglesEdinburgh 1986Asset 2
Alister AllanShootingMen's Smallbore 50m Rifle ProneEdinburgh 1986Asset 2
Alister AllanShootingMen's Smallbore 50m Rifle 3 PositionEdinburgh 1986Asset 2
Charles RevoltaWeightliftingMen's Under 52kgEdinburgh 1986Asset 2
Albert PatrickWrestlingMen's 130kgEdinburgh 1986Asset 2
Robin BrewAquaticsMen's 200m Individual MedleyBrisbane 1982Asset 2
Catherine Finlay, Sarah Inkson, Alison Hamilton, Nikki RamsayAquaticsWomen’s 4x100m Freestyle RelayBrisbane 1982Asset 2
Anne ClarksonAthleticsWomen’s 800 metresBrisbane 1982Asset 2
Joseph KellyBoxingMen's FlyweightBrisbane 1982Asset 2
James CairnsShootingOpen Centre Fire PistolBrisbane 1982Asset 2
Hugh Hunter, James CairnsShootingOpen Rapid Fire Pistol PairsBrisbane 1982Asset 2
Allan WellsAthleticsMen's 100 metresEdmonton 1978Asset 2
Joanna Flockhart, William GillilandBadmintonMixed DoublesEdmonton 1978Asset 2
James DouglasBoxingMen's Light WelterweightEdmonton 1978Asset 2
Alex McIntosh, William WoodLawn BowlsMen's PairsEdmonton 1978Asset 2
Charles RevoltaWeightliftingMen's FlyweightEdmonton 1978Asset 2
Albert PatrickWrestlingMen's Over 100kgEdmonton 1978Asset 2
Kim WickhamAquaticsWomen’s 100m ButterflyChristchurch 1974Asset 2
David WilkieAquaticsMen's 100m BreaststrokeChristchurch 1974Asset 2
Rosemary PayneAthleticsWomen’s DiscusChristchurch 1974Asset 2
Alex HarrisonBoxingMen's Light MiddleweightChristchurch 1974Asset 2
Colin McEachranShootingOpen Fullbore RifleChristchurch 1974Asset 2
Jim AlderAthleticsMen's MarathonEdinburgh 1970Asset 2
Ian McCaffertyAthleticsMen's 5,000 metresEdinburgh 1970Asset 2
John GillanBoxingMen's LightweightEdinburgh 1970Asset 2
Brian TempleCyclingMen's 10 mile Scratch RaceEdinburgh 1970Asset 2
Alexander Leckie, Gordon Wiles, Alexander MitchellFencingMen's Sabre TeamEdinburgh 1970Asset 2
P. Derek Russell, George Sandor, Ian HunterFencingMen's Epee TeamEdinburgh 1970Asset 2
Susan Youngs, Judith Bain, Barbara WilliamsFencingWomen’s Foil TeamEdinburgh 1970Asset 2
Alex McIntosh, John Slight, David Pearson, Norman PrydeLawn BowlsMen's FoursEdinburgh 1970Asset 2
Robert McGregorAquaticsMen's 110 yards FreestyleKingston 1966Asset 2
Thomas ImrieBoxingMen's Light MiddleweightKingston 1966Asset 2
Alexander LeckieFencingMen's SabreKingston 1966Asset 2
Wallace BoothWrestlingMen's Light HeavyweightKingston 1966Asset 2
Robert McGregorAquaticsMen's 110 yards FreestylePerth 1962Asset 2
Michael LindsayAthleticsMen's DiscusPerth 1962Asset 2
Michael LindsayAthleticsMen's Shot PuttPerth 1962Asset 2
Richard McTaggartBoxingMen's Light WelterweightPerth 1962Asset 2
Joseph Watson BlackLawn BowlsMen's SinglesPerth 1962Asset 2
Michael Purdon, Joseph Watson Black, Thomas Hamill, William MooreLawn BowlsMen's FoursPerth 1962Asset 2
Thomas Hamill, Michael PurdonLawn BowlsMen's PairsPerth 1962Asset 2
Ian BlackAquaticsMen's 440 yards FreestyleCardiff 1958Asset 2
Robert Sreenan, Athole Still, James Leiper, Ian BlackAquaticsMen's 880 yards Freestyle RelayCardiff 1958Asset 2
Robert KaneBoxingMen's Light WelterweightCardiff 1958Asset 2
Alastair DuncanWrestlingMen's LightweightCardiff 1958Asset 2
George FarquharWrestlingMen's MiddleweightCardiff 1958Asset 2
John WardropAquaticsMen's 440 yards FreestyleVancouver 1954Asset 2
Frank McQuillanBoxingMen's LightweightVancouver 1954Asset 2
Peter HeatlyAquaticsDiving Men's 3 metre SpringboardAuckland 1950Asset 2
Andrew ForbesAthleticsMen's Six MilesAuckland 1950Asset 2
Alan PatersonAthleticsMen's High JumpAuckland 1950Asset 2
David YoungAthleticsMen's DiscusSydney 1938Asset 2
James WatsonBoxingMen's FeatherweightSydney 1938Asset 2
Margot HamiltonAquaticsWomen’s 100 yards BackstrokeLondon 1934Asset 2
William Francis, Norman Hamilton, Merilees ChasselsAquaticsMen's 330 yards Medley RelayLondon 1934Asset 2
Donald RobertsonAthleticsMen's MarathonLondon 1934Asset 2
John G. HoltonBoxingMen's Light HeavyweightLondon 1934Asset 2
William FrancisAquaticsMen's 100 yards BackstrokeHamilton 1930Asset 2
Ellen KIngAquaticsWomen’s 100 yards FreestyleHamilton 1930Asset 2
Tommy HoltBoxingMen's BantamweightHamilton 1930Asset 2
James Heatly AquaticsDiving 1m SpringboardGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Duncan Scott AquaticsMen's 200m FreestyleGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Duncan Scott AquaticsMen's 200m ButterflyGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Duncan Scott, Stephen Milne, Jack Thorpe & Kieran McGuckinAquaticsMen's 4x100m Freestyle RelayGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Stephen Milne, Duncan Scott, Dan Wallace & Mark SzaranekAquaticsMen's 4x200m Freestyle RelayGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Mark Dry AthleticsMen's HammerGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Robbie Simpson AthleticsMen's MarathonGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Jake Wightman AthleticsMen's 1500mGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Kirsty Gilmour BadmintonWomen's SinglesGold Coast 2018Asset 1
John Docherty BoxingMen's 75kgGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Reece McFadden BoxingMen's 52kgGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Neah Evans CyclingWomen's 25km Points RaceGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Callum Skinner CyclingMen's 1000m Time TrialGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Frank Baines GymnasticsMen's Parallel BarsGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Daniel Purvis GymnasticsMen's FloorGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Frank Baines, Kelvin Cham, Daniel Purvis, David Weir & Hamish CarterGymnasticsMen's Artistic TeamGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Lesley Doig & Claire JohnstonLawn BowlsWomen's PairsGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Seonaid McIntosh ShootingWomen's 50m Rifle 3PGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Seonaid McIntosh ShootingWomen's 50m Rifle ProneGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Linda Pearson ShootingWomen's Double TrapGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Ian Shaw & Sandy WalkerShootingFullbore Rifle PairsGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Marc Austin TriathlonMen's IndividualGold Coast 2018Asset 1
Erraid DaviesAquaticsWomen's Para-Sport SB9 100m BreaststrokeGlasgow 2014Asset 1
Hannah MileyAquaticsWomen's 200m Individual MedleyGlasgow 2014Asset 1
Ross MurdochAquaticsMen's 100m BreaststrokeGlasgow 2014Asset 1
Corrie ScottAquaticsWomen's 50m BreaststrokeGlasgow 2014Asset 1
Mark DryAthleticsMen's Hammer ThrowGlasgow 2014Asset 1
Robert Blair, Imogen BankierBadmintonMixed DoublesGlasgow 2014Asset 1
Stephen LavelleBoxingMen's 91kg HeavyweightGlasgow 2014Asset 1
Reece McFaddenBoxingMen's 52kg FlyweightGlasgow 2014Asset 1
Kate ArchibaldCyclingWomen's 25km Points RaceGlasgow 2014Asset 1
Daniel PurvisGymnasticsMen's RingsGlasgow 2014Asset 1
John BuchananJudoMen's Under 60kgGlasgow 2014Asset 1
Andrew BurnsJudoMen's Under 90kgGlasgow 2014Asset 1
Sally ConwayJudoWomen's Under 70kgGlasgow 2014Asset 1
James MillarJudoMen's Under 66kgGlasgow 2014Asset 1
Connie RamsayJudoWomen's Under 57kgGlasgow 2014Asset 1
Jennifer McIntoshShootingWomen's Small Bore 50m Rifle ProneGlasgow 2014Asset 1
Angus McLeod, Ian ShawShootingOpen Full Bore Rifle PairsGlasgow 2014Asset 1
Viorel EtkoWrestlingMen's 61kgGlasgow 2014Asset 1
Alex GladkovWrestlingMen's 65kgGlasgow 2014Asset 1
David CarryAquaticsMen's 400m FreestyleDelhi 2010Asset 1
Lauren SmithAquaticsWomen's Synchronised Swimming SoloDelhi 2010Asset 1
Stephanie TweliAthleticsWomen's 1500mDelhi 2010Asset 1
Stephen SimmonsBoxingMen's 91kg HeavyweightDelhi 2010Asset 1
David MillarCyclingMen's Road RaceDelhi 2010Asset 1
Jennifer McIntosh, Kay CoplandShootingWomen's Smallbore 50m Rifle 3 Position PairsDelhi 2010Asset 1
Jonathan Hammond, Neil StirtonShootingMen's Smallbore 50m Rifle 3 Position PairsDelhi 2010Asset 1
Kirsty BalfourAquaticsWomen's 100m BreaststrokeMelbourne 2006Asset 1
Gregor TaitAquaticsMen's 100m BackstrokeMelbourne 2006Asset 1
Gregor Tait, Kris Gilchrist, Todd Cooper, Craig Houston, Chris JonesAquaticsMen's 4 x 100m Medley RelayMelbourne 2006Asset 1
Lee McConnellAthleticsWomen's 400m HurdlesMelbourne 2006Asset 1
Susan HughesBadmintonWomen's SinglesMelbourne 2006Asset 1
Kate CullenCyclingWomen's 25km Points RaceMelbourne 2006Asset 1
Ross EdgarCyclingMen's KeirinMelbourne 2006Asset 1
Chris HoyCyclingMen's 1km Time TrialMelbourne 2006Asset 1
James McCallumCyclingMen's 20km Scratch RaceMelbourne 2006Asset 1
Adam CoxGymnasticsMen's High BarMelbourne 2006Asset 1
Tommy YuleWeightliftingMen's Under 94kg CombinedMelbourne 2006Asset 1
Alison SheppardAquaticsWomen's 50m ButterflyManchester 2002Asset 1
Graeme SmithAquaticsMen's 400m FreestyleManchester 2002Asset 1
Jamie QuarryAthleticsMen's DecathlonManchester 2002Asset 1
Bruce Flockhart, Alastair Gatt, Russell Hogg, Craig Robertson, Graham Simpson, Graeme Smith, Susan Hughes, Kirsteen McEwan, Elinor Middlemiss, Fiona Sneddon, Sandra Watt, Yuan WemyssBadmintonMixed TeamManchester 2002Asset 1
Craig McEwanBoxingMen's 71kg Light MiddleweightManchester 2002Asset 1
Andrew YoungBoxingMen's 91kg HeavyweightManchester 2002Asset 1
Craig MacLean, Ross Edgar, Chris Hoy & Marco LibrizziCyclingMen's Team SprintManchester 2002Asset 1
Barry CollieGymnasticsMen's VaultManchester 2002Asset 1
Amanda CostelloJudoWomen's Under 70kgManchester 2002Asset 1
Karen CusackJudoWomen's Under 52kgManchester 2002Asset 1
Stephanie HartJudoWomen's Over 78kgManchester 2002Asset 1
Lee McGrortyJudoMen's Under 73kgManchester 2002Asset 1
Fiona RobertsonJudoWomen's Under 48kgManchester 2002Asset 1
Steven VidlerJudoMen's Under 90kgManchester 2002Asset 1
Edith BarnesShootingWomen's Clay Target SkeetManchester 2002Asset 1
Tommy YuleWeightliftingMen's Under 94kg SnatchManchester 2002Asset 1
Elinor Middlemiss, Sandra WattBadmintonWomen’s DoublesKuala Lumpur 1998Asset 1
Colin McNeilBoxingMen's WelterweightKuala Lumpur 1998Asset 1
Jackie TownsleyBoxingMen's Light MiddleweightKuala Lumpur 1998Asset 1
David Rattray, Robin LawShootingMen's Air Rifle PairsKuala Lumpur 1998Asset 1
Shirley McIntosh, Janis ThomsonShootingWomen's Smallbore 50m Rifle 3 Position PairsKuala Lumpur 1998Asset 1
Shirley McIntosh, Susan BellShootingWomen's Smallbore 50m Rifle Prone PairsKuala Lumpur 1998Asset 1
Peter Nichol, Stuart Cowie.SquashMen's DoublesKuala Lumpur 1998Asset 1
Fraser WalkerAquaticsMen's 200m Individual MedleyVictoria 1994Asset 1
Geoff ParsonsAthleticsMen's High JumpVictoria 1994Asset 1
Joseph TownsleyBoxingMen's Light MiddleweightVictoria 1994