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Brisbane 1982
Delhi 2010


Archery has been included in the Commonwealth Games on two occasions: Brisbane 1982 and Delhi 2010. The sport's debut in Brisbane featured individual recurve events for men and women, while in Delhi there were eight gold medals on offer with individual and team events for men and women and separate events for recurve and compound bows.

Archery was also included in the Commonwealth Youth Games at Samoa 2015 with individual and mixed team recurve events.

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The recurve bow is the modern evolution of traditional bows that have existed for thousands of years. The limbs positioned at the top and bottom of the bow curve back away from the archer at each tip.

Team Scotland

The compound bow was invented in the 1960s and uses a levering system of pulleys and cables, making it faster and decidedly more accurate than other types of bow.

Team Scotland

The inclusion of Archery at Samoa 2015 was made at the special request of the Samoan Prime Minister, a keen archer who became the first elected leader to win a medal for his country when he competed at the 2007 Pacific Games.

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