Team Scotland Youth Games Medallists

While the Commonwealth Youth Games is primarily about giving young athletes their first taste of a multi-sport Games, Team Scotland has enjoyed medal success at all Youth Games since their inception in 2000. Many of these medallists have gone on to represent Team Scotland with distinction at the Commonwealth Games and credit the Youth Games as being an important part of their development as an athlete.
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Athlete / Team NameSportEvent NameGamesMedal
Scott McLayAquaticsMen's 100m FreestyleBahamas 2017Asset 3
Scott McLayAquaticsMen's 50m FreestyleBahamas 2017Asset 3
Scott McLayAquaticsMen's 50m ButterflyBahamas 2017Asset 3
Erin RobertsonAquatics50m BreaststrokeSamoa 2015Asset 3
Craig BensonAquatics100m BreaststrokeIsle of Man 2011Asset 3
Craig BensonAquatics50m BreaststrokeIsle of Man 2011Asset 3
Craig BensonAquatics200m BreaststrokeIsle of Man 2011Asset 3
Douglas ScottAquatics100m BreaststrokePune 2008Asset 3
Douglas ScottAquatics50m BreaststrokePune 2008Asset 3
Mark BranchAquatics100m BackstrokeBendigo 2004Asset 3
Kerry BuchanAquatics100m BreaststrokeBendigo 2004Asset 3
Rebecca HillsAquatics50m BreaststrokeBendigo 2004Asset 3
Andrew HunterAquatics400m FreestyleBendigo 2004Asset 3
Charles MillsAquatics200m ButterflyBendigo 2004Asset 3
Lorna SmithAquatics200m Individual MedleyBendigo 2004Asset 3
Lorna SmithAquatics100m BackstrokeBendigo 2004Asset 3
Scott McLayAquaticsMen's 100m BackstrokeBahamas 2017Asset 2
Sophie SmithAquaticsWomen's 200m FreestyleBahamas 2017Asset 2
Meg FinnonAquatics800m FreestyleSamoa 2015Asset 2
Meg FinnonAquatics200m ButterflySamoa 2015Asset 2
Craig McLeanAquatics100m FreestyleSamoa 2015Asset 2
Craig Benson, Joshua Booth, Alisdair Stirling, Mark SzaranekAquatics4x100m Medley RelayIsle of Man 2011Asset 2
Robyn MatthewsAquatics100m BreaststrokePune 2008Asset 2
Daniel ScottAquatics50m ButterflyPune 2008Asset 2
Kerry BuchanAquatics100m BackstrokeBendigo 2004Asset 2
Rebecca HillisAquatics100m BreaststrokeBendigo 2004Asset 2
Scott HoustonAquatics200m BackstrokeBendigo 2004Asset 2
Malcolm KerrAquatics200m ButterflyBendigo 2004Asset 2
Jenni KilgallonAquatics100m FreestyleBendigo 2004Asset 2
Jenni KilgallonAquatics50m FreestyleBendigo 2004Asset 2
Hannah MileyAquatics400m Individual MedleyBendigo 2004Asset 2
Lewis SmithAquatics400m Individual MedleyBendigo 2004Asset 2
Lorna SmithAquatics200m BackstrokeBendigo 2004Asset 2
Scott Houston, Lewis Smith, Robbie Renwick, Andrew HunterAquaticsMen’s 4x200m Freestyle RelayBendigo 2004Asset 2
Kirsty BalfourAquatics100m BreaststrokeEdinburgh 2000Asset 2
Todd CooperAquatics100m ButterflyEdinburgh 2000Asset 2
Louise CoullAquatics200m BackstrokeEdinburgh 2000Asset 2
Emma HarveyAquaticsWomen's 50m ButterflyBahamas 2017Asset 1
Sophie SmithAquaticsWomen's 100m FreestyleBahamas 2017Asset 1
Scott McLay, Emma Harvey, Anna Fleming, Luke RobinsAquatics4x100m Mixed Freestyle RelayBahamas 2017Asset 1
Tain BruceAquatics100m ButterflySamoa 2015Asset 1
Kieran PrestonAquatics50m BreaststrokeSamoa 2015Asset 1
Erin RobertsonAquatics100m BreaststrokeSamoa 2015Asset 1
Fiona DonnellyAquatics400m Individual MedleyIsle of Man 2011Asset 1
Emily JonesAquatics100m BreaststrokeIsle of Man 2011Asset 1
Emily JonesAquatics400m Individual MedleyIsle of Man 2011Asset 1
Charlotte McKenzieAquatics50m BackstrokeIsle of Man 2011Asset 1
Alasdair StirlingAquatics50m FreestyleIsle of Man 2011Asset 1
Mark SzaranekAquatics200m Individual MedleyIsle of Man 2011Asset 1
Fiona Donnelly, Emily Jones, Kirstin McKinley, Rachel SharplesAquaticsFiona Donnelly, Emily Jones, Kirstin McKinley, Rachel SharplesIsle of Man 2011Asset 1
Sarah HamiltonAquatics50m FreestylePune 2008Asset 1
Ewan JohnstonAquatics200m Individual MedleyPune 2008Asset 1
Daniel ScottAquatics100m ButterflyPune 2008Asset 1
Andrew Haslett, Ewan Johnston, Daniel Scott & Douglas ScottAquaticsMen’s 4x100m Medley RelayPune 2008Asset 1
Mark BranchAquatics100m BreaststrokeBendigo 2004Asset 1
Scott HoustonAquatics50m BackstrokeBendigo 2004Asset 1
Andrew HunterAquatics200m FreestyleBendigo 2004Asset 1
Hannah MileyAquatics200m ButterflyBendigo 2004Asset 1
Robbie RenwickAquatics400m FreestyleBendigo 2004Asset 1
Gemma SutherlandAquatics200m Individual MedleyBendigo 2004Asset 1
Gemma SutherlandAquatics100m BackstrokeBendigo 2004Asset 1
Gemma SutherlandAquatics50m BackstrokeBendigo 2004Asset 1
Gemma SutrherlandAquatics200m BackstrokeBendigo 2004Asset 1
Lorna Smith, Hannah Miley, Gemma Sutherland, Jenni KilgallonAquaticsWomen’s 4x100m Freestyle RelayBendigo 2004Asset 1
Lorna Smith, Kerry Buchan, Louise Pate, Jenni KilgallonAquaticsWomen’s 4x100m Medley RelayBendigo 2004Asset 1
Robbie Renwick, Malcolm Kerr, Scott Houston, Andrew HunterAquaticsMen’s 4x100m Freestyle RelayBendigo 2004Asset 1
Scott Houston, Mark Branch, Malcolm Kerr, Andrew HunterAquaticsMen’s 4x100m Medley RelayBendigo 2004Asset 1
Kirsty BalfourAquatics200m BreaststrokeEdinburgh 2000Asset 1
Todd CooperAquatics200m ButterflyEdinburgh 2000Asset 1
Rowena CornishAquatics50m FreestyleEdinburgh 2000Asset 1
Sam HunterAquatics200m Individual MedleyEdinburgh 2000Asset 1
Robert LeeAquatics200m Individual MedleyEdinburgh 2000Asset 1
Laura McGarveyAquatics200m ButterflyEdinburgh 2000Asset 1
Chris WhitcombeAquatics1500m FreestyleEdinburgh 2000Asset 1
Women’s 4x100m Medley RelayAquaticsWomen’s 4x100m Medley RelayEdinburgh 2000Asset 1
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