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24th - 2nd February 1974

About Christchurch 1974

Following the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, the X Games at Christchurch was the first multi-sport event to place the safety of participants and spectators as its uppermost requirement. Security guards surrounded the Athlete’s Village and there was an exceptionally high-profile police presence. Even so, Christchurch enchanted the watching world as a city of beautiful churches and gardens.

Only 22 countries succeeded in winning medals from the total haul of 374 medals on offer, but first time winners included Western Samoa, Lesotho and Swaziland.

  • No. Sports 9
  • No. Countries 38
  • No. Athletes 1,276
  • Gold Medals Awarded 121
Team Scotland’s Christchurch 1974 Medal Count:
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  • Total: 19
  • Asset 3
  • Asset 2
  • Asset 1

Did You Know?

  • Christchurch 1974 marked the introduction of colour television to New Zealand. However, due to the NZBC's limited facilities, only Athletics, Swimming, and Boxing could be broadcast in colour.

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