Selection Policies

Our aim is to select a team that performs with distinction in 2022:

– Having a higher percentage of athletes meeting the selection standards in competition at the Games than in 2018.

– Meeting the stated performance aims of each sport at the Games.

– All team members having a positive experience within Team Scotland at the Games.

Team Scotland’s General Selection Policy has been finalised for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. This, along with the Sport Specific Selection Policy ensures that every potential Team Scotland athlete knows exactly what they need to do to secure their place on the team for the Games.

The General Selection Standards ensure that a consistent level of performance is required for selection to Team Scotland across all the sports on the programme. These standards include the following:

– The selection standard is based on a minimum performance level of the ability to show a top six or top half of the field performance (whichever is the tighter) in the Commonwealth.

– To ensure representation across the full programme of sports, all individual sports will be represented in the 2022 Commonwealth Games by up to four athletes and all team sports will be represented by a minimum of one team, subject to invitation by the CGF.

Sport Specific Selection Policies for each of the sports on the Birmingham 2022 programme have been developed in conjunction with the relevant Scottish Governing Body of Sport. These include a detailed breakdown of the specific times, distances and competition results required, the dates between which these standards must be achieved and any other factors which will be taken into consideration for each sport.

General Selection Policy

Outlines the general policy framework for Birmingham 2022.

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