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Social media is an effective tool in promoting your successes and building your brand as an athlete. You have the opportunity to provide a unique view into what it means to be part of the Commonwealth Youth Games as a member of Team Scotland and we encourage you to share your experiences. However, it is really important to follow some key guidelines to protect yourself, your sport, the Team and the Games, as well as keeping everyone safe.

Games Time Rules

Remember that ‘Games Time’ rules are in force from 1-13 August. You can post anything made available to you through the ScorePlay app. For photos and videos you take yourself, the below rules apply.

Competition Venue

You CAN post photos taken in competition venues to social media or personal blogs as long as long as you don’t mention or tag any personal sponsors

You CAN’T post your own recorded or live video from the field of play to social media or personal blogs (sporting action and ceremonies)

Training Venue/Village

You CAN post any photos and recorded/live video you take in training venues and Villages as long as long as you don’t mention or tag any personal sponsors

Take care that your accreditation pass isn’t in view in photos. You might want to spin it round to the side or back rather than taking it off.

Top Tips


DO share your Trinbago 2023 experience by posting photos and videos to your social media

DO share your support of other athletes and teams during Games-time as well as any positive experiences you have visiting Trinbago​

DO be mindful – people will make assumptions about what you’re like, based on what post. Remember, you are always representing your team during the Games, even online​

DO tag Team Scotland in your posts so we can promote and celebrate your performances and achievements with you​

DO let us know if you ​are trolled or have any issues online – we’re here to help


DON’T make any connection between your own sponsors and Team Scotland or Trinbago 2023 in any social media posts while attending the Games

DON’T post messaging or images which are insulting, offensive or hurtful on social media​

DON’T share information on social media that might compromise the security or organisation of the Games (e.g. team arrangements, pictures of accreditation)​

DON’T post anything you wouldn’t be happy being used as a quote. Journalists do follow and engage with athletes on social media​

DON’T forget what you post could be permanent, even if you delete someone could have taken a screen shot

How to Deal With Trolls

Unfortunately there are more and more figures in the public eye who are being subjected to trolling and bullying online. This can have a real and detrimental impact on performance and mental health.

We hope that trolls aren’t a problem for athletes and team staff during the Games but if they do raise their ugly head, here are a few tips to help:

Starve them – it’s understandable to wage war but trolls thrive on anger and frustration. The angrier you get the stronger they become. So, the best way to deal with them is to ignore them. Eventually they will tire themselves out.

Record it – take a screenshot so that you have a record of the original post or message. This helps if the poster tries to edit or delete their post once they realise it could get them in trouble. It can also help if you need to take things further.

Stand up for yourself – you can ignore trolls and still make a stand. Most social media sites have special functions in place to keep you safe online. Report harmful posts and block users.

Log off – it can be really overwhelming when trolls are pestering you. While you can’t control their behaviour, you can limit the time you spend dealing with it. Logging off social media can be difficult but it’s a good idea if you are upset and if it is impacting your performance.

You don’t need to go completely off-grid; you could try turning off push notifications, logging off accounts affected or deleting social media apps from your phone until you are home

Tell someone – we are here to support you and help you achieve the very best performance. If you are being trolled, talk to your parents, your coach, a Team Manager, your dedicated Media Officer or one of the Games Time Management so we can provide the support you need.

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