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Games Photos & Video

We want you to be able to share all the best moments of your time at the Youth Games and to help you do this we want to make it as easy as possible for you to access photos and video of yourself competing and taking part in Games-time activities.

Getty will be providing photography services at the Games and these free-to-use images, plus additional photography taken by the media team, will be available to athletes. We also hope to be able to share clips of competition footage with you. All photos and videos will be shared with athletes via the ScorePlay app.

Games Time Rules

Remember that ‘Games Time’ rules are in force from 1-13 August. You can post anything made available to you through the ScorePlay app. For photos and videos you take yourself, the below rules apply.

Competition Venue

You CAN post photos taken in competition venues to social media or personal blogs as long as long as you don’t mention or tag any personal sponsors

You CAN’T post your own recorded or live video from the field of play to social media or personal blogs (sporting action and ceremonies)

Training Venue/Village

You CAN post any photos and recorded/live video you take in training venues and Villages as long as long as you don’t mention or tag any personal sponsors

Take care that your accreditation pass isn’t in view in photos. You might want to spin it round to the side or back rather than taking it off.

Getting Set Up on ScorePlay

Go to your phone’s app store and download the ScorePlay app

Open the app and scan the QR code below

Find yourself and click on your profile

Once you’ve logged in once, that’s it – any photos or videos we upload of you will be tagged and automatically appear in the app for you to download and use

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