The Official Team Scotland Poster for Trinbago 2023

July 4, 2023


Designed by Peter Burt

The above design has been commissioned by Team Scotland to be the Official Poster for the 2023 Commonwealth Youth Games. The design is heavily inspired by the host islands, their cultures and heritage.

Inspiration for this Youth Games poster came from Trinidad and Tobago’s music and tourism marketing material, wanting to create something visually similar by incorporating flat shapes, natural flowing curves and a grainy aesthetic.

The variety of colours derived from a mix of Team Scotland and Trinbago 2023 logos, resulting in a varied and bright range of colour to use through the design.

The design was unveiled to the team at the Team Camp held on Saturday 1 July and all athletes and staff left with their own copy. Being displayed in key Team Scotland areas and rooms in the Athletes’ Villages on Trinidad and Tobago, it will add colour and a sense of team pride as athletes prepare to compete.

Many of the key visual references and representations are highlighted here:


The saltire sits naturally against the blue of the sky.

Trinidad and Tobago Flag

The black stripe of the flag sits within the athletics track, bringing the country together with the Games.

Hasely Crawford Stadium

The subtle rise of the curve indicates the formation of the seating deck wrapping around the track. The floodlight is also a nod to the architecture of the stadium. Hasely Crawford was Trinidad and Tobago’s first Olympic gold medalllist, winning the Men’s 100m at the 1976 Games in Montreal.

Palm Trees

A nod to the Caribbean landscape, but also an opportunity to bring in some of the graphic elements from the calypso music scene.


The nickname of the flag of Trinidad and Tobago, physically represented within the poster elements.

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