Sport Focus: 12 Things You Didn't Know About Judo

January 1, 1970

Team Scotland has a proud history in Aquatics at the Commonwealth Games with our swimmers and divers winning medals at every Games with the exception of 1978 and 1990. To round off our Sport Focus, here are 12 things you might not know about Aquatics at the Commonwealth Games:

1. Despite only appearing at three Commonwealth Games to date, Judo is Team Scotland’s sixth most successful Commonwealth Games sport with an all-time medal total of 31. This tally places Scotland 2nd on the all-time Commonwealth Games Judo medal table behind England.

2. Judo is an optional sport in the Commonwealth Games, meaning it can be included on the sports programme by the host nation. Judo was included as a demonstration sport at the Edinburgh 1986 Commonwealth Games before making its full Games debut at Auckland 1990. Its other appearances have been at Manchester 2002 and Glasgow 2014.

3. Scotland’s most successful Commonwealth Games judoka is Sarah Clark with one silver and one gold. Incredibly they were won 12 years apart – the silver at Manchester 2002 and gold the next time Judo was included in the Games at Glasgow 2014.

4. While Men’s Judo was introduced to the Olympic Games programme in 1964, Women’s Judo became a Commonwealth Games sport before its inclusion in the Olympic Games. Events for both men and women were included at the Auckland 1990 Commonwealth Games, while the first Olympic Games to include women’s Judo was Barcelona 1992.

5. Judo made its Commonwealth Youth Games debut at Bahamas 2017 with Team Scotland winning 4 medals. Emily Ritchie won the first gold of the Games and first ever Youth Games Judo gold with victory in the over 70kg event, Fiona Todman and Emma Forrest took silver in the 48kg and 57kg events respectively and Louis Saez took bronze in the 90kg category.

6. All terms in the sport are Japanese, reflecting its origins. The referee gets the contest underway by shouting ‘Hajime!’ and stops it by shouting ‘Matte!’

7.  More people practice Judo in France than in Japan






Find out more about the sport in the Commonwealth Games on our dedicated Judo page and look out for our next sport focus as we profile each of the 25 sports to have participated since the Games began in 1930.

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