Sport Focus - 12 Things You Didn't Know About Boxing GC2018

January 12, 2018

Team Scotland has a proud history in Boxing at the Commonwealth Games with our boxers winning medals at every Games to date. To round off our Sport Focus, here are 12 things you might not know about Boxing at the Commonwealth Games:

1. Boxing was one of six sports included at the first Commonwealth Games (then known as the British Empire Games) in 1930 and, as a core sport, must be included at every Games.

2. Boxing is the only sport in which Scotland have won medals at every Commonwealth Games. Scottish boxers have also won medals at every Youth Games where the sport has been included.

3. Scotland have won 63 Boxing medals at the Commonwealth Games; 17 gold, 16 silver and 30 bronze.

4. There is a three way tie for the title of Scotland’s most successful Commonwealth Games boxer; Josh Taylor, Tom Imrie and Dick McTaggart each won one gold and one silver medal.

5. Glasgow 2014 gold medallists Josh Taylor and Charlie Flynn both won medals at the Commonwealth Youth Games before stepping up to senior competition.

6. John Docherty and Sean Lazzerini became the first Scottish boxers in history to win gold at the Commonwealth Youth Games at Samoa 2015 and both have been selected for Gold Coast 2018.

7. Women’s Boxing events were included for the first time at the Glasgow 2014 Games.

8. 18 year old Vicky Glover will become the first female boxer to compete for Team Scotland at a senior Commonwealth Games when she steps into the ring in Gold Coast.

9. Megan Gordon was Scotland’s first female boxer in any Commonwealth Games event, winning bronze at the 2017 Youth Games in the Bahamas.

10. The Gold Coast 2018 Boxing competition will take place at Oxenford Studios – filming venue for Hollywood blockbusters such as San Andreas, Scooby Doo and Unbroken – the first time the venue will have been used for a sports event.

11. A Boxing bout consists of three rounds of three minutes for both women and men. A bout can be won on points, if a contest is abandoned, the Referee stops the contest, a boxer is disqualified, by walkover and by knockout.

12. Male boxers no longer wear head guards, however women must wear head guards at all times. Boxers must also wear a gum shield and men must wear a cup protector over the groin.

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