Introducing our Games logo

October 5, 2021

The launch of Team Scotland’s Birmingham 2022 campaign brings with it the first chance to see our Games-specific logo for next year. Alison Brown, Account Director and Co-Founder of Loop Design Agency, talks us through the process and inspiration.

“We are so excited that the 2022 Games are in Birmingham as there are so many synergies between Birmingham and Scotland across many interesting and visual areas.

“Birmingham has been described as the city of a thousand trades and has a strong history in manufacturing. From this history emerged a renowned culture of art and design – particularly its fields of metalwork, typography, sculpture, printmaking, photography and stained glass.

“Similarly in Scotland there is a thriving  arts and crafts industry that produces a fantastic range of authentic products created using traditional methods from textiles to glassblowing and jewellery to pottery. These synergies and common themes have strongly influenced and shaped our design concepts.

“Bringing this love of manufacturing, art and design together we created three themed concepts, taking inspiration from the wonderful blends, tones and colours of stained glass, manufacturing and jewellery, and considered alongside the existing Team Scotland brand elements.

“From here we worked with the team at Commonwealth Games Scotland to refine the preferred design concept, themed around industrial revolution leaders and Birmingham’s strong manufacturing roots.

“The city is well-renowned as the world’s first manufacturing town and a leading city in the UK’s industrial revolution. Two influential figures in this innovative period in Birmingham were Scots – James Watt and William Murdoch.

“Using manufacturing and heavy industrial angles, we have selected moving patterns as core concept themes, with a strong emphasis on innovation, energy and movement. These themes accentuate the linkages between Birmingham and Scotland, and the Scottish innovators with their industrial influences.

“We look forward to developing the Games-specific look and feel further through the delivery of a range of physical and digital assets, from branding around Scotland House and the athlete villages in Birmingham to social graphics and physical literature.

“You can sense the excitement building as we move closer and closer to the Games, and we’re delighted to play our part in supporting Team Scotland!”

Loop are an award-winning design agency with over 20 years’ experience in branding, graphic design, web design and digital marketing. To learn more, click HERE.

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