Gold4Glasgow - Powerlifting

March 31, 2011

Do something extraordinary… Do YOU know someone who fits the bill??

The sportscotland institute of sport is running a new Gold4Glasgow campaign in the sport of Powerlifting for athletes with a disability.

You can help us unearth potential Scottish medallists simply by spreading the word… and passing this information on to change someone’s life!!

Gold4Glasgow – Powerlifting

The Powerlifting initiative is very exciting for Scottish sport. Not only are we looking for medals contenders for Glasgow 2014, but this is the first time the sport has had an elite programme based in Scotland. Due to the nature of the sport and the competition, we are seeking individuals with specific disabilities.

From the history of past Powerlifting events, we are particularly looking for persons with:


Cerebral Palsy

Spinal Cord injuries


If you know someone who is sport and strong, we would be very keen to test them at our talent assessment day. Even if they are not currently competing in sport, but are an enthusiastic gym user and like to work out, they may be exactly what we are looking for – determined and committed people who will work hard.

Pass this information on to friends, colleagues, family members, athletes, gym buddies, friends of friends and even people who you don’t know!!

We need your help to spread the word… f or further information or want to know how to get involved, head over to

Or if you’re on facebook… click here!!

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