Brogan Fights For Fitness to make the Games

October 11, 2013

For cyclist Kayleigh Brogan, the road to qualify for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games represents one of deja vu. A bout of anemia left it too late for Brogan to make it to the last Commonwealth Games in 2010 and now glandular fever has put the brakes on her Glasgow 2014 preparations.

Brogan, from Paisley, said: “I was really disappointed I didn’t get to go to Delhi, that really hurt and it just made me hungry for success in Glasgow. I did try to qualify for Delhi, but I was only back in the sport two months. Seeing the bond that Team Scotland had back then and how everyone came together was great and something I was disappointed not to be a part of. The success of Team GB team in London last year and the cycling team in particular just makes you want it even more.”

Starting life as a track cyclist, Brogan has since added road racing to her repertoire and hopes to set the qualifying times in both.

“I love the track”, added Brogan. “It’s so fast and to have the roar of the velodrome during a close race is unbelievable. Over the last year I have grown to really enjoy road racing. As much as it’s hard and can be cold and wet, it’s so different and the two disciplines are both so enjoyable in their own ways.”

“To be racing round the roads of Glasgow, where I grew up, where I’ve gone to university and to have the support of the whole country along the way would be fantastic”, added Brogan.

“Being a home games is massive – I can’t think of anything better. I never could have imagined that the Commonwealth Games would come to Glasgow in my whole lifetime and now it is just around the corner.”

“This is probably the hardest I’ve ever trained and the Commonwealth Games is always in the back of my mind after every race, good or bad it’ll pick you up. If I’ve had a good race I’ll think to myself that’s good, this will go towards qualification; if it’s been a bad day I just have to stay focused on the long-term goal and pick myself up as I’m aiming to be part of a medal winning team for Scotland.”

Kayleigh has unfortunately had to sit out the majority of 2013 with illness, missing the 2013 British Track Championships a few weeks ago and will also be forced to watch the 2013 Scottish National Track Championships this weekend from the sidelines. However, things are starting to look up as she is currently easing herself back onto the saddle and unlike Delhi, there is still time to qualify for Glasgow 2014.

You can follow Kayleigh on Twitter @KayleighBrogan1

Photo Credit: Alistair Devine

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