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Nutrition and Hydration

Nutrition plays a key role in your training, competition, and recovery. It is important that you are fuelling and recovering the best you can whilst being in a new environment. Over the next few weeks, you will be travelling, possibly experiencing jetlag, you will be in a hot and humid environment and generally in a different routine.  To help you adapt and plan in advance to minimise any negative impact on your health and performance we have put together some top tips to support you while you are away!


The food is likely to be different to what you have at home. Try to stick to foods that are familiar and ideally you want to try to replicate what you would normally eat and drink at home. Stick to your nutrition goals and before competing don’t change your regular eating habits or portion sizes. You may have certain foods you like to have before or during competitions so if possible, bring some of your chosen snacks with you. Snacks can also be taken on the plane with you too to make sure you are eating enough throughout your journey. You can find some suggestions in the Travel Snacks fact sheet at the bottom of this page.


Trinidad & Tobago will be hot and humid so keeping hydrated is essential. Always carry your drinks bottle with you (remember to keep it clean!) as you will need more fluid than normal and remember to drink regularly throughout the day. It could be helpful to consume an electrolyte drink as well as water to help replace the salts lost in sweat. Recipes for homemade electrolyte drinks can be found in the Hydration in the Heat factsheet at the bottom of this page, as well as some other important hydration tips

Top Tips for Buffet Eating

Follow these tips to help you stick to your nutrition goals and prepare for your performance. An unplanned approach can lead to unbalanced meals and weight gain. Always wash your hands before you eat.

Plan your snacks and be organised during the day to avoid arriving too hungry

Look at the menu and choose what dish you are
going to have before you go to the buffet

Avoid piling things on your plate

Remember your own nutrition goals and don’t
be influenced by others

What does your plate normally look like? Remind yourself of this and try to re-create

What size plate do your normally have? Adjust accordingly. Do you normally have a starter and dessert? If not why start now?

Check you have a source of carbohydrate, protein and plenty veg / fruit / salad

Leave the dining room or hall
when you have finished. You will end up eating
things you don’t need and can’t remember eating

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