Table Tennis Trio Poised For Action

April 5, 2018

The Men’s Team competition is first up for Scotland at the Oxenford Studios with Gavin Rumgay, Craig Howieson and Colin Dalgliesh facing the host nation Australia in the first group stage on Thursday 5 April at 18:30hrs (09:30hrs UK time). The second match will see the team face Kiribati on Friday 6 April at 12:00hrs (03:00hrs UK time).

The team event follows the Olympic format, which sees teams of three players play a maximum of four Singles matches and one Doubles match. Each athlete competes in a maximum of two individual matches. The event ends when one team has won three individual matches.

The competition is conducted with qualifying groups of three or four teams progressing to a round of 16 and then on to a knockout competition to determine final rankings.

Looking ahead to the competition, Craig Howieson said: “We’re all in a good place, because we’ve had such good preparation. We’ve all been out here for a while now and we’ve had a good few training sessions.

“We all feel nice and relaxed – it’s about as relaxed as I’ve ever felt going into a major competition. Once we get into the hall it’s like any other competition, but we’re all just keen to get going now.”

Following the conclusion of the team competition, all three players will contest the Men’s Singles; with Rumgay and Howieson then combining as the Men’s Doubles pairing.

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