Thistle Club

Established in 2002, the Thistle Club is the Commonwealth Games Scotland Alumni linking all past Team Scotland athletes and staff, with the aim of bringing the past and present together in order to strengthen our future.

Since 2002, all Team Scotland members who attend a Commonwealth Games automatically become members of ‘The Thistle Club’ and are presented with an exclusive Thistle Club pin. This gives them access to special Thistle Club receptions and events, which are frequently linked to when the ‘Queen’s Baton Relay’ is in Scotland prior to the next Commonwealth Games. They provide a great opportunity for former Team members to get together.

If you are one of our former Games team members prior to 2002 and you are not yet a member, then we want to hear from you. Go to Contact Us to send us an e-mail or call us on Tel: 01786 466480.

Commonwealth Games Scotland is keen to help our past athletes and staff stay in touch with each other through the Thistle Club. This is a special group of all those who have shared the unique experience of representing Scotland at the Commonwealth Games.

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