University of Stirling Scholarships

The University of Stirling is Scotland’s University of Sporting Excellence and base of the Team Scotland Youth Trust, Commonwealth Games Scotland, Scottish Swimming, Triathlon Scotland and the sportscotland Institute of Sport.

The Team Scotland Youth Trust, in recognising the support given to Team Scotland, supports three athlete scholarships at the University of Stirling,  These scholarships are part of the University of Stirling International Sport Scholarship programme and have enabled athletes to attend the University of Stirling, giving flexibility to combine both academic studies, at both undergraduate and post graduate levels, with sporting careers at the highest level of sport.

Scholarship athletes benefit from a bespoke training programme delivered by highly trained performance coaches and further sports science services such as strength ans conditioning, physiotherapy and sports psychology. They also receive funding to cover competition costs and are supported as they train and compete on campus and across the globe.

Cameron Brodie - Swimming Image

Cameron Brodie - Swimming

The Team Scotland Youth Trust scholarship really allowed me to give my swimming and studies the attention that they both deserved whilst I was at University. The support meant I was able to swim in the morning, study during the day and train again in the evening without having to worry about taking on a job to cover the costs of books and swimming expenses. Additionally I was able to spend time on training camps and competitions that enabled me to maximise my talent in the pool and win medals at the 2010 and 2014 Commonwealth Games.