Meet Clyde – Team Scotland’s biggest fan!

Named after the river that flows through the City of Glasgow, Clyde is a cheeky, friendly thistle who won the hearts of the nation, as the official mascot of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Back in action in his new job as Team Scotland mascot, he led the support at Gold Coast 2018 and is cheering on Scotland’s athletes all the way to Birmingham 2022 and beyond!

Clyde’s creator Beth Gilmour was just 12 years old when she sketched Clyde as part of a UK-wide competition to design the Glasgow 2014 mascot. Clyde proved to be a massive hit with fans young and old, becoming the friendly face of Glasgow 2014. He is now the perfect ambassador for Team Scotland, cheering us on to our best ever overseas Games at Gold Coast 2018 and ready to go for future Games.

Clyde’s Story

Clyde’s story begins with Captain Bristle’s voyage around the nations and territories of the Commonwealth on the HMS Shipshape. To remind him of home, Captain Bristle took a pot of thistles with him on the journey, planting some in the countries that he visited.

On his return home to Scotland he had just one thistle remaining in his Captain’s trunk. Captain Bristle knew that this must be a very special thistle and, naming the thistle Clyde, he planted it carefully in his front garden. Clyde grew and grew, eventually coming to life and realising his destiny was to spread the message of the Commonwealth Games.

Clyde was a huge success, welcoming people from all over the world to his home City of Glasgow and telling everyone all about the Commonwealth Games.


A New Job for Clyde

After working so hard at Glasgow 2014, Clyde took a well-deserved rest out of the spotlight before revealing his new job as Team Scotland mascot. In a stunning comeback at the 2016 Team Scotland Scottish Sports Awards, he was reunited with his creator Beth Gilmour and revealed his new job as the Team Scotland mascot, backing Scotland’s athletes all the way to Gold Coast 2018 and beyond.

Clyde’s bubbly personality has earned him some famous friends and several of them welcomed him back in this fantastic video celebrating his new role with Team Scotland:


Clyde Meets Gold Coast 2018 Mascot Borobi

Excited to get started in his job as Team Scotland mascot, Clyde had a fantastic day showing off his home city when the Gold Coast 2018 mascot, Borobi, stopped off in Scotland on his tour of the Commonwealth. Clyde was proud to show Borobi the sights of Glasgow, including some of the 2014 Games venues, and to share some secrets about what made Glasgow 2014 ‘the best Games ever’.

See what they got up to together on their big day out in this video:

Clyde and Borobi had great fun challenging youngsters at Caledonia Primary School to an ‘Aussie style’ dance-off and meeting gymnasts from the City of Glasgow club at the iconic ‘Big G’ on Glasgow Green. On their tour of Glasgow 2014 Games venues they also got to meet prospective Team Scotland athletes and wish them well in their quest for selection for the Gold Coast 2018 Games.

The pair are now best of friends and met up again in Gold Coast where Borobi had his turn of playing tour guide and showing Clyde all the sights.

Join Clyde in supporting Team Scotland all the way to the 2021 Commonwealth Youth Games and on to Birmingham 2022. The nation’s athletes are training hard with the aim of being selected for Team Scotland and doing the country proud  – your support will make all the difference!

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