Scotland At The Youth Games

Scotland has competed in every Commonwealth Youth Games to date, winning a total of 166 medals. However the number of participating countries, sports and allocated athlete places has varied significantly from Games to Games making direct comparisons difficult. What is more important is the number of athletes who progress to compete with distinction for Team Scotland at future Commonwealth Games.

To date 70 Commonwealth Youth Games athletes have progressed to the senior Commonwealth Games with 18 of them going on to win medals. These include swimmers Todd Cooper, Kirsty Balfour, Hannah Miley, Andy Hunter, Robbie Renwick and Lewis Smith, shooters Jennifer McIntosh and Kay Copland, boxers Josh Taylor and Charlie Flynn, athlete Lynsey Sharp, gymnast Adam Cox and weightlifter Peter Kirkbride.

We believe the Commonwealth Youth Games is an important first step to expose our young athletes and staff to being part of a multi-sport Games and being part of Team Scotland and embracing its ethos.

YearGame Asset 3 Asset 2 Asset 1 Total
2017 Bahamas 2017 8 6 7 21
2015 Samoa 2015 3 10 8 21
2011 Isle of Man 2011 5 6 11 22
2008 Pune 2008 3 3 12 18
2004 Bendigo 2004 12 17 23 52
2000 Edinburgh 2000 3 7 22 32

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